Glued Timber

Wooden structures construction is a fast and comfortable way of building giving an esthetical and natural image of your house.

Glued timber

Wooden-Glued-timber-structuresIt is made of timber which is mechanically dried, mostly 12% humidity. If necessary, the structures of glued timber may be easily prepared for the further use: perforation, milling and notching is done using the CNC equipment which is extremely accurate and perfect quality guaranteed. Available measures: length from 60×120 mm up to 240×440 mm and from 1 m up to 30 m.

Curved glued timber

SAMSUNGCurved timber products are made of glued fir timber. Minimum crook radius available is 1 m and maximum available is 30 m, from 40×100 mm up to 80×400 mm.

 Glued timber structures

Glued-timber-structures-woodenStructures are made of glued timber and reinforced by metal contacts.


We will project any wooden structures according to your requirements.